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Oil and wine as “sons of our land”

Our products are characterized by the peculiarities of our land which transfers to them unique aromas, flavors and colors. We love feeling the taste of our land in our wine and olive oil.

Organic Farm

Organic farm

It’s a logical consequence of our way of being and thinking. We knew health and respect of the environment would become the main aims of our work since we planted the first olive tree and the first grapevine.

All at the right time

All at the right time

We don’t pressure the natural growing of our cultivations; we simply follow the rhythm of the seasons. We plant, look after and harvest our fruits. Waiting and patience are everything! It is normal for us, it is not a philosophy.

Young determination

Young determination and veterans’ knowledge!

Dedication, energy and competence are our features and strengths. We do not lack in dedication. Competence provides us self-confidence and enthusiasm to offer our products: the fruit of our work.